Video & Photobooths


In all of my photography packages I include a Slideshow of your wedding day highlights, playing along to either chilled, relaxing folk, or finger slapping funk, the choice is yours. 

If you're after a little something more in depth, something a little more emotive, then check out my recommended Videographers. 
If adding some fun and spice to your wedding is more your thing, then take a look at the Photobooths I've listed. 
Either way, these guys and gals are amazeballs, so you won't be dissapointed :)



We are a husband and wife team (Isaac and Sam) who have adored all things video and media for the last 6 years. As a couple we love creating films and have done so for ourselves for years. Its been a passion and hobby of ours for a long time but we have decided to turn that passion into a job.

We are all about joining you on your wedding day; to have vision, capture moments and create a piece that brings together a film for you both to cherish. We're passionate about capturing genuine moments. You wont see us staging shots, but rather facilitating the love between you both to flourish in front of our cameras.

If you've got an upcoming wedding, lets hang out, discuss your dreams for your wedding and create something beautiful together. 


Goodness Gracious Films

Hi, I'm Mitch. I shoot wedding films!
I haven't always captured people's weddings, but I've always loved telling stories through creating Cinema, so being inspired by own wedding where I got to marry my gorgeous wife Brooke, I dedicated my time to capturing the stories of fellow romantics who were also head over heels in love on their best friend. I create films to make people laugh & cry, in the happiest way possible!

So come say "Hi" and let me show you how I'll capture the natural emotion and joy of your wedding, capturing the action as it happens, blending in and laughing with the guests, because the best moments always happen when people forget the camera is even there. Some might say I'm basically like a blonde-haired ninja, just with a camera instead of nunchucks ! 


Paper Cranes

Paper Cranes is a delightful and fun group of people that have always been a joy to work with. They started back in 2008 through this one funny thing called “passion”. Ever since then, they have been telling real stories of people every opportunity they get. Thier passion has also allowed them to travel to amazing destinations around the world telling beautiful stories of people and making lots of new friends along the way. In the past few years Paper Cranes has explored the opportunity to provide storytelling services for commercial clients such as Tourism Australia, Griffith University and Hireup to name a few. They are excited for what the future holds and hope that you will be a part of the Paper Cranes journey. 

Love Storm Films

We believe you have to have passion and joy to be able to capture somebody else’s. Above all, that’s what we strive to achieve in each and every one of our hand-crafted films.

We’re a teeny tiny team of film makers based in Sydney Australia... we'll probably sing along in the car on the way to your wedding, but boy-oh-boy we work our little butts off to give you a moving film that captures your personalities, your special day and your story.


DNM Wedding Films

Your wedding day is a story like no other. It’s a story of love and laughter, of sass and style, of unity and faith, of hopes and dreams. It’s the story that begins the story of the rest of your life, shared, spoken and seen by the people that matter most to you.

We’ve made more than one thousand wedding films that tell a diversity of stories across every culture, religion, and region, from our home city Sydney to Asia, Europe and beyond. Whatever your custom, wherever your temple, we’re available.

We’re only limited by the number of wedding cinema stories we’re able to tell in a single year, so availability is strictly limited. To avoid disappointment and ensure our availability on your special day, contact us today.

In An Instant Photobooth

These ain’t your regular run-of-the-mill photo booth – no sir. They don’t merely turn up, they actually turn it up! Whatever it takes to make your party or event explode into people’s minds as one to remember, they’ll deliver – and they’ve got the perfect way to do it.
The future of photo booths is here! The Halo Booth is uber fun, very addictive and easy to use! You’ll look like the angel that we both secretly knew you’re not ;) with an easy to use touch screen app; text & email sharing; impressive lighting; unlimited printing and sharing capabilities it couldn't be simpler and more fun to share your craziness!
So hit them up and unleash your wild side.

BoothBoy Photobooth

Open Air Photo Booths, They Kick Serious Boo-tay

Booth Boy open air photo booths are the way of the future. Imagine you and your friends are let loose in your own personal photographic studio! Forget visions of an old school photo booth you would see in the local mall, behind the vintage styling of Booth Boy photo booths lives a professional DSLR camera, studio lighting and a custom backdrop.

With a huge range of props you can let your imagination run wild and free… kind of like a giraffe… running in fear… as it’s chased to its death by lions… hmmm.