Celebrants & Planners

These wonderful people I'm about to list (in no particular order), are all great people that I've worked with before and have all brought their own individual flare to the proceedings.
Someone in this list is bound to gel with you, so give them a call and personally find out a little about their values, listen to their vocal tones, their mannerisms, their articulation and what flare they’re going to add to your special day.
Because that's their job after all, bringing an energy and maybe some entertainment to you already killer Wedding.


Hire A Bridesmaid - Planner/MC

If you’re after a professional (when required), fun loving, high spirited, enthusiastic and experienced MC / Wedding Coordinator, then you can’t go past Kerstyn and her team of legends! Kerstyn is the master mind behind Hire A Bridesmaid MC and she has her sights set on helping you make every facet of your Wedding day amazing! Planning a Wedding shouldn’t be hard, it shouldn’t be stressful, but often times it is, and that’s where Kerstyn comes in. Her team’s goal is to make your life as easy and as memorably FUN as possible :)

Whether you need an awesome MC for your Reception, or someone to help organize an your Engagement Party, a Hens Night to remember, a Bridal Shower, a Kitchen Tea, all the way to someone planning your entire freaking Wedding Day for you, then contact Hire A Bridesmaid MC and let them do the heavy lifting for you, so all you need to worry about is enjoying yourself and celebrating a beautiful occasion, without a care in the world :)

Lillian Lyon - Celebrant

All you need to do is take 2 mins to check out Lillians gushing testimonials on from her adoring couples to see how much people love her, and how much she loves her job! Lillian believes that being a good celebrant is having the ability to open your heart to people from all walks of life, having no prejudice, being a good listener, taking the time to understand her couples, and what they expect of their ceremony. She has been a celebrant for 10 years, and says it has been the most wonderful decade of romance, excitement, and diversity! SO head on over and say hi before she gets booked out!

Tami Sussman - Celebrant

With an Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts from Actors Centre Australia, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of New England and a Cert IV in Celebrancy from Health Resource Training Australia Tami has a natural comfort in front of audiences large and small, and her experience with live acting she has the tools to make even the most stressful situation enjoyable. Don’t worry though, Tami has tact and never sets out to 'steal the show' though. She is utterly committed to providing you with a perfect ceremony that places you both in the spotlight while being both fun and professional at the same time. 
So click the link and go "suss her out" (Her words not mine haha)

Rebecca Ramsay - Celebrant

Rebecca regards her celebrant-style as a rejuvenated approach at the very least! Stuffy old boring ‘going-through-the-motions’ services are out! She is uber aware of a stereotypical image that might come to mind when you first think ‘marriage celebrant’. You should be pleased to know that for being younger than your average Celebrant, she comes equipped with a broad minded approach and a dedication to a career in celebrancy. She'd like to think she is someone Brides and Grooms can better relate to; someone who understands what planning a wedding entails in this day and age considering it was just a couple of years ago that she was walking down the aisle herself! 

Monty King - Celebrant

Recently married, father of 2 Monty, likes "stuff" (comics and pineapples for a start!). He's a self proclaimed "bit of a loud mouth", and considers himself a funny guy that's well liked (By people he buys drinks for)
Over the years Monty's been to too many weddings where he's sat there and thought, *yawn*... "I'm pretty sure I could do better than this. Here we go, same old, same old. Surely there are cool couples out there that don't want this boring old cut 'n' paste routine?!" And noticed there weren't too many guys his age doing any 'celebranting'.
And so MKC was born. And it turns out there are some super-cool couples out there looking for a young(ish), modern celebrant - who is also a dude!
So if you're looking for a fun, relaxed, modern, male celebrant,this guy, could be YOUR guy!

Melissa Fahey - Celebrant

The self-coined 'selfie celebrant', lover of French champagne and reality TV. Melissa's couples would describe her as fun-loving, relaxed and easy going. Her friends would probably add sassy and bubbly. Did someone say "Bubbly"?
Living between Sydney and Melbourne, Melissa is available to create a fun, relaxed, easy going ceremony in either state. Always up for a chat she invites you to call and discuss how she can help you with the ceremony that you really want and that your friends will remember. So click the link and find out more.

Adam Straney - Celebrant

Adam Straney is a young, fun and enthusiastic civil celebrant that is prepared to work ‘with’ you rather than ‘tell you’ how your day should go. After all, the wedding is YOUR day!

Adam has always been a listener, in radio through NSW far south coast, through the Illawarra and Newcastle. Even spending time on the Sunny Coast and North Queensland. He has the experience of listening.

After seeing how receptions run smoothly under his guidance, he wanted to help couples enjoy their day!

Adam Straney is a family man with Tanya, together for 7 years. He has two children, daughter Addison and son Finnegan and one only 12 weeks away.

Nicky Surnicky - Celebrant

Nicky's aim is to help the odd exception become the norm, to see more people actually having fun during their ceremony (god forbid!) and to challenge people with the notion of what a modern ceremony can be.
Her friends describe her as being honest, passionate, vivacious, committed and a little bit crazy! But above everything she likes to bring a sense of fun in everything that she does because life is too short, who knows what’s around the corner so live for and in the moment. Nicky loves what she does and to be able to share in one of the most important moments in people’s lives is an honour and a privilege that she does not take lightly.

Allegra Hartford Davis - Celebrant

 If you're here and looking for a celebrant - you're in the midst of planning one of the most exciting and special days of your life, one Allegra truly hopes she can be involved in! Have a look around her site via the link below, and if you like what you see - get in touch!  She's a young, fun and vibrant authorised civil celebrant determined to ensure that your wedding ceremony is the most special part of the most important day of your lives!

Ceremonies don't have to be boring - Allegra will work tirelessly with you to make sure the ceremony reflects who you are as a couple. After all - you want to kick start your marriage in the most beautiful, unique, personal way possible right?