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A little bit quirky, a little bit country and a lotta good vibes.

Hi, I’m Jack! First off congratulations… you must be one very ‘smitten kitten’ wrapped up in a whole lot of love to have found your way to my page. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm here to help share the very essence of your special day: love.
The laughter, the joy and the romance are all aspects of your wedding day that you will want to freeze in time… and together, we can. If you are after a rigidly-posed, “perfect” studio shoot then I might not be the best guy for you. But if you and your beloved are after a fun, romantic and often adventurous shoot with lots of fun and laughter then I’m your guy.

I have 4 passions: art, beauty, people and love. After much travel and some self discovery I fell in love not only with a beautiful woman I am now lucky enough to call my wife, but with love itself. Having considered myself a notorious people pleaser and photographer for over half my life, I balled up these personality traits and combined them into a passion that many have described as "Wizzardry".
I consider Wedding Photography my life’s purpose, I honestly do. This is what I was put here for, to help you capture the very soul of your big day so you and your children (and your childrens children), can look at these images for years to come and feel the bond that you and your fiance have for each other through body language.
Cheesy right? But screw it, that's exactly how I feel.

You deserve someone who will help you feel at ease in the presence of the camera, who will capture the pure elegance and spirit of your love while making it light and enjoyable. You deserve it. To enjoy every minute of this special moment in time, to soak it all up, and to be able to trust the person behind the lens to do whatever it takes to help you make memories to last a lifetime. Take a look at my Testamonials and trust the words of others that were in exactly the same shoes as you once upon a time.

And there you have it, me on a platter. Just a guy who treasures a good love story – so regardless if you're in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or anywhere else for that matter tell me your story, and let’s work together to make your special day timeless.


A little bit quirky, a little bit country and a lotta good vibes.
Being a full-time Wedding Photographer, I have to regularly pinch myself, just to check if this dream is actually real.
It's simple, I love the fact that every single week I get to witness the moment amazing people dedicate their heart and soul to their closest friend in the world. 
Now tell me that's not pretty special, right?

I'm best described as a hopeless romantic, a Wedding Photographer and a wee bit of a goof-ball. So my style is somewhat romantic & intimate with a sugar coating of fun and laughter thrown in for good measure :)
I believe that the more fun and laughter you have, the more you'll love the photo's you get back from your special day. 
So I make it my number one goal to help make your day memorably beautiful, and as enjoyable as possible, because weddings are a celebration of love, and what's a celebration without a little fun and good times? 

I'm lucky enough that Wedding Photography has sent me all over the world to share beautifully intimate moments between loved up couples from all walks of life, and seeing the warmth it brings to the hearts of their families is priceless, no matter what language you speak.

So regardless if you're in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or anywhere else for that matter, drop me a line and let me tell you how I can help make your wedding day not only beautifully memorable, but also a little fun and maybe even entertaining!